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Project findings

RE-DISS best practices

Further updates of the BPR are foreseen and will be posted here.
How should Guarantees of Origin be designed and electricity disclosure be implemented in order to ensure the provision of accurate and reliable information to consumers? For an answer, check :

Residual mix calculations

The 2014 residual mixes for the individual European Countries can be downloaded below. For more information about the calculations, please contact us.

Country profiles and relevant legislation

All profiles are in the process of being updated in 2015 for all of EU28 + NO + CH+ IS.

Acceptance of GOs

National Competent Authorities have to set up criteria for an acceptance of GO for disclosure purposes and to assess compliance of different countries with these criteria. RE-DISS II will compile up to date information on the current practices of mutual acceptance and provide recommendations on acceptance criteria which will be coordinated with other initiatives. Overview and information to be downloaded from here.

Treatment of environmental indicators

RE-DISS II will develop a methodology which supports the provision of environmental indicators for electricity disclosure which will be used to provide specific emission factors for CO2-emissions for the Residual Mix calculations in 2014 and in 2015.

Documents produced for Basic implementers

Basic Implementers are Member States in which the electricity market is still very concentrated and where disclosure is consequently not seen as a priority. However, for a sound implementation of disclosure throughout Europe, the framework of these countries should be properly designed. The RE-DISS II project will develop specific tools that will help these Basis Implementers to get started. Such documents will be posted here.

Practical guidance for disclosure

Guidelines for Competent Bodies will be published on how to communicate on disclosure practices to electricity suppliers and how to supervise the reliable implementation of disclosure. Direct guidelines to suppliers will also be produced, which will include considerations on how to combine the different environmental reporting instruments, such as corporate and product footprint calculations.
In order to take electricity stakeholders views onboard, the RE-DISS team has launched a consultation on disclosure "front side" practices. You are invited to participate by reading the following background document and commenting on it in the separate Excel questionnaire below.


Other documents

Related documents from the RE-DISS phase I project

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